Environmental Policy

Town & Country Land Management Ltd (TCLM) believes that environmental issues are of great importance.

Consequently TCLM is committed to implementing and maintaining a management system that delivers continual improvement, prevents pollution and demonstrates friendly environmental performance suited to the nature and scale of its activities, products and services.

It is the organisation’s objectives to achieve these commitments by:

  • Complying and whenever appropriate exceeding legal requirements, relevant standards and practices
  • Applying the waste hierarchy:

1               Prevention

2               Preparing for re-use

3               Recycling

4               Other recovery e.g. energy recovery

5               Disposal

  • Minimising the detrimental environmental impact for the life cycle of plant, equipment and other physical assets under TCLM’s control
  • Segregating waste
  • Maintaining documentation and records that support implementation and maintenance of these objectives
  • Communicating, briefing and training both TCLM’s personnel and those working for the business in our environmental objectives, systems and actions appropriate to their activities and interaction with TCLM
  • Making this policy available to everyone via the organisation’s website www.tclm.co.uk
  • Regularly reviewing this policy, minimum annually

This policy was last updated in February 2015. For more information about our approach to the environment, please get in touch.