Lineside Maintenance

Working in a railway environment demands a high level of skill, experience and organisation. We’ve been responsible for maintaining the UK’s rail and underground infrastructure, both on and off-line, for more than 15 years. Our services include vegetation control, tree services, bridge and structure clearance, litter picking, fencing, ecology and environmental management, and we’re known for being efficient, effective and competitive.

TCLM is fully certified by BSI and Achilles RISQS, and holds all the required accreditation to comply with the rigorous standards set by the rail industry. In addition to working on Network Rail and the London Underground infrastructure, we also partner with complementary service providers to deliver outstanding quality – on time and on budget.

To find out more, call 01206 271151 or send us an email.

Serving the Rail Network

Our priorities are to minimise possession, keep the track clear and maintain the embankments, bridges and other structures that line the railway.